Thursday, March 24, 2011

Available, no coat and magnolia.

1. Nick is working from home today. The door to his fortress of solitude is closed tight all morning. At noon, when Alec is lingering over his feed and I'm thinking I'll have to go without my lunch in the interests of getting out of the house on time, I hear Nick's feet on the stairs, and he asks if I would like him to make me a sandwich.

2. I set off into the sunlight without a coat.

3. We walk round the corner and I exclaim "Oh, the magnolia is out!" It's a particularly good one, with dainty, spindly flowers. I've been enjoying its fuzzy buds all winter, but didn't expect them to burst this early.


  1. It's weird but 2 and 3 were some of mine. Love your beautiful things.

  2. I do like all three of them, Clare! Bravo on your sunshine!

  3. Yes - the new coat thing - so true! I remember thinking that if I was going to do a 3BT that day, it would be one of mine!
    And on the next one "lovely day to be naked" - that made me smile!
    So glad you are still doing this despite the craziness of motherhood - but then I guess maybe there are even more beautiful things now!


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