Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lunch outside, colours and birthday chocolates.

1. It is warm enough that we are happy to eat our sandwiches outside.

2. There is a Sienna on one side of us, and a Scarlett on the other. It's like being in a paintbox. I think Umber would be a good name for a ponderous boy -- I can see him as a large and clumsy toddler. Cadmium suits an older lad, probably a rugby player. I'm rather charmed by the thought of a little girl called Opera Rose -- you'd dress her in reds and opulent pinks. If I were feeling mischievous, I'd try Phthalo as a middle name, or perhaps Aureolin.

3. Nick pauses the game and comes upstairs, where I am lying in a deep, hot bath, bringing his birthday box of Malteasers.


  1. In my daughter's class we had the weather report and nature around us - Summer, Prairie, Raine etc

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Clare! What a wonderful day you had!


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