Friday, March 04, 2011

Bottom of the class, it's an ill wind and mist.

Here's another Alec photo. He looks a bit fighty because he was getting a bit annoyed with his mother singing You are My Sunshine and saying "Smile, damn you."

My aunt has been working on a colourful photography project.

1. My yoga teacher laughs to see me trying to do a stretch while Alec sucks my finger. When I was pregnant with him, he used to disrupt my yoga relaxation by having a good old kick. Now he's just as contrary and goes rigid when I try to sit him down and sulks through the songs that are meant to amuse him. The only bit he really likes is when the teacher picked him up and carried him off round the room. He lounged in her arms smirking triumphantly. But I mustn't be unkind -- it's a new experience for him, and I don't think he's been in a room with so many other mothers and babies before. He'll like it more next week.

2. Alec has gone from one (admittedly catastrophic) dirty nappy every three days to SEVEN in a day (that's one after each feed). This sounds dire, but wait -- the basin has never been cleaner because he is being bathed in it at least twice a day. I love washing my face in a gleaming basin.

3. It's a bright day, and the afternoon is wearing on, but the Grove is still softened by mist so you'd almost think it was early in the morning.