Monday, March 07, 2011

Hungry, flights of fancy and sausages.

1. I am so glad -- after months of having my stomach squashed up under my ribs during pregnancy -- to have my appetite back again. Breast feeding is making me ravenously hungry, so I have been indulging just about every whim and craving.

2. From the kitchen where I am cooking dinner, I can hear Nick telling Alec that his bouncy chair is a spaceship, that Snorgle Mouse is his Wookie co-pilot and that the dangling teddies are space invaders who need to be blasted (that is, kicked) out of the sky.

3. I make a perfect, 10 out of 10 toad in the hole. Because I followed Delia's recipe to the letter.


  1. #2. I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about (except Wookie sounds faintly familiar and I can't place it) but generally it seems very positive, healthy and fun!
    #1. What were your cravings?

  2. I love #2! I love the way Nick interacts with Alec! Wonderful!

  3. Spoke too soon -- Nick and I have both gone down with food poisoning... nice.

    RTC -- it's Star Wars; and it's just general snacky things at the mo. The health visitor keeps telling me to eat between meals, which is brilliant as far as I'm concerned.

  4. My favorite Star Wars reference is by "Metaphors Be With You" from the Poetry Alive group.
    I love all the playfulness and adventure . . .

  5. Eating between meals, if you call it grazing, is supposed to be great for maintaining steady blood sugar levels. "Snacky things" sounds like small but frequent carbs which are perfect for the energy required for a wee one, non? Thanks for the Star Wars reference. Of course !!


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