Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Switch, toast and this is what we do.

1. Nick and I are down with food poisoning. I look after Alec until I'm too tired to go on, and hand him over to Nick. I'm very glad he's here.

2. At tea time, I make Nick some toast and Marmite. "That tastes so good," he says.

3. "Watching cartoons is what we do when we are sick," I tell Alec.


  1. Watching cartoons is what we do when we're sick too. Hope you guys feel better soon and Alec behaves while you're poorly.

  2. We're much better, thanks! We've been eating toast mainly, but had a hearty dinner this evening.

    Alec has been a little angel (Nick just made a pshaw noise).

  3. Glad to see from the comments that you are both feeling better.

  4. I hope you guys will get well soon...

  5. It amazes me that even with a downer of a day, you can still find 3 beautiful things in your day, Clare. Glad you're better! Hope you enjoyed the cartoons.

  6. In fact, sometimes I almost wish I was sick so I could watch mind-numbing TV without feeling guilty about it.

    Despite the bright side, feel better soon!

  7. You can watch cartoons anytime.

  8. Hope you bothget better soon.

    And yes, warm buttered toast is one of the good things in life :)

    I finally wrote a 3BT post after years! and a blog post after months. Haven't been much online lately for anything other than work, so its been nice to drop-in to all the familiar blogs to get an update. Best.


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