Friday, March 25, 2011

Having a laugh, emergency and Firefly.

1. 4am and all is quiet. A milk-limp Alec is asleep on my knee. I wipe his chin, and I suppose it tickles him, because he smiles and then chuckles. His first definite laugh.

2. "Here, take one of mine," says one of the other yoga mums, handing me a nappy. I'm glad for her kindness, and I appreciate it even more later when Alec has another explosion which takes out his spare baby grow. As I am leaving the surgery, my GP holds the door open. "Hallo," she says, "And how's the boy?" I ruefully show her that Alec is dressed in a muslin. "Oh," she says, "Well it's a lovely day to be naked." And I suppose it is.

3. I've been watching Joss Weedon's Firefly during feeds -- it's a western in space, pretty much, with gritty, messy 1970s ships; and a mixture of high and low tech that reminds me of Star Wars. I'm enjoying the character-driven stories, too.