Saturday, March 05, 2011

Green beans, that's not how we do it and peke.

1. Maggie offers her mother second nibble of her green bean. "Num num num. Thank you Maggie."

2. In the baby changing room, a little girl with curly hair asks why Alec wears a nappy and why I don't have a buggy (Alec is in the sling today). I explain that he's too little to tell me he needs a wee on the pot, and that I use the sling so I don't have to wait for the lift. Her mother is changing her little brother, and says: "Lily, can I have that nappy out of your bag?" I hope Alec will be as helpful and engaging.

3. At 3.30pm, a girl in black office clothes hurries impatiently up to the Grove. A black peke undulates on the end of the lead. It wants to sniff at walls and gutters. She wants to get out and back as soon as possible. I think the dog belongs to her boss.