Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On the move, co-incidence and not really concentrating.

1. It takes ages to leave the house when you have a baby. You think you're good to go (even if you do  have a string of sick down your back and a muslin hanging out of your pocket) but then there's a nappy disaster; followed by a "FEED ME NOW" meltdown, and suddenly you should have been there half an hour ago. So being able to walk quickly again is much appreciated.

2. The supermarket driver says: "I've got a long way to go with this next delivery." I ask him where he's heading. "Next door!" It's rather pleasing to think that they booked the exact same slot as me.

3. Alec makes chatty noises while I feed him. I get the impression that he's not really concentrating on the job in hand.