Sunday, March 06, 2011

Running water, under orders and hot cross buns.

1. It is 7.30am on a Saturday, and I am sitting on the bed in Nick's study. My small son is bawling, red and rigid and I don't know why. I have fed him (at 2am, 5am and 7am), changed him, winded him and walked about holding him every which way. I remember reading about baths being good for crying babies, so I take him down to the bathroom and turn the taps on. He falls silent and the furious red flush drains from his head. By the time the bath is full, he is smiling at me.

2. Looking at our life now, I remember a quip I heard during my classics degree:
-- Who rules Greece?
-- Athens.
-- Who rules the Athens?
-- Themistocles.
-- Who rules Themistocles?
-- Themistocles' wife.
-- Who rules Themistocles' wife?
-- Themistocles' baby son.

3. The spicy smell of hot cross buns toasting, and thinking about spreading mine with butter.