Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Apple cake, ears and weekend plans.

1. Charlotte has saved me a slice of the apple cake that she brought in on Monday.

2. Pip the dog ambling over to have her ears rubbed. She is very understanding, that dog.

3. Rosey rings, wondering if I'd like to join her for the weekend.


  1. Paris in the spring time; in particularly the light evenings so people can enjoy a beer on the sidewalks until the late hours and proper buttery croissants with raspberry jam and smooth hot chocolate for breakfast - yummy.

  2. My new coffee mug. It's just the right size to hold two loads of coffee from the vending machine, and insulates far better than those cheap plastic cups which are normally dispensed. I do feel a bit like wally (dilbert) though when i'm walking around the office.

  3. Well done on joining the ranks of insulated coffee cuppers. I use mine when I get a take-away coffee. I think people who use plastic cups are the wallies, not you.

  4. Come on, everyone knows coffee is supposed to be drunk from a paper cup. Like they serve at Starbucks.

  5. Clare agrees and her nice boss lets her which means The Arran Project lives to see another day. Huzzah!

  6. Hmmm...I shall have to do a TBT on my blog. HEY! Did you see that? Your initials are TBT and mine are BTB. WOW.

    Sorry, this time of night I get easily fascinated.... d'oh!

    Do you like Toblerones? I blogged about them yesterday. That was a late post, too, come to think about it....


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