Monday, March 19, 2007

Forgive, my room and fairytale.

1. Feeling cross with someone, and then not feeling cross with them and getting the chance to say so.

2. We all crowd into my room for breakfast because the sitting room smells of sleeping men. Katie and Peter take the sofa, while Ben has the desk chair. I'm sitting up in bed wrapped in layers of shawls and quilts. Peter says it's like an audience with an aged aunt. I look for something to throw at him.

3. The cicada fairy in Pan's Labyrinth.


  1. 4. Having so many friends over for breakfast that there isn't much room. (who cooked?)

  2. Laura introduced me to Pan's L, just her thing, I loved it too, no problem having subtitles, but I ended uncertain whether the underworld was a figment of a young & disturbed imagination or a real magical place


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