Thursday, March 08, 2007

Support, catch-up and fear.

1. He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named has made a playlist for me and Katie to celebrate our new dance class -- it's called Now That's What I Call Poledancing 37. And someone has edited the first few business cards in the box on my desk. They now read:

Clare Grant
Healthcare Editor
And Exotic Dancer

2. A former colleague is doing some work downstairs. She comes up for a chat at lunchtime.

3. Poledancing is terrifying, and I'm really struggling with the idea of supporting my weight, letting go and sliding. So we try a move I definitely can do, and suddenly sliding down and landing on my knees is easy.


  1. Is it true that poledancing leaves bruises on your legs? I would like to try but the bruises don't really appeal to me.

  2. Pritilata - yes! But apparently it's just when you are learning. Our teacher does not have any bruises. I suppose once you get strong enough and learn the moves, you stop wacking your legs on the pole. And then it starts to look rather more elegant. *;)


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