Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hope, open or shut and fresh start.

1. I tell the doctor how I am feeling and he gives me some flash cards to look at. I put 'I am so lonely' and 'I often think about suicide' and 'There is no hope' on the false pile.

2. The sun is warm but the air is cool and shopkeepers are arguing about whether to have the door open or not.

3. Among pink camelia flowers browned by last week's icy weather, a single perfect bloom.


  1. You make my day everyday - never ever stop- noone trurns aphrase like you

  2. Thank you so much Sandy. It's very kind of you to say so.

  3. I love reading your blog. It's always a beautiful part of my day, especially when I have missed a few days and get to read lots to catch up.

    #2 on this entry (shopkeepers arguing over whether or not to keep open the door) made me laugh. You must have extraordinary hearing! Last week, at our shop in Brooklyn, NY, my husband and I were doing just that!

    Write on, Miss Clare!


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