Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Two wheels good, in the bag and batter pudding.

I scan a few blogs every day using Google Reader. I've added some clips of things that might to appeal to the sidebar -- they're at the top today, but I'll probably move them down later.

1. On most mornings, I am passed by a little boy on a wooden bicycle. It doesn't have any pedals, so the going is slow, until he comes to a hill when he lifts his feet and zooms away. He uses his feet to brake, which is hard on his shoes, but what a thrill to leave your yummy mummy jogging behind you as you fly down the wide curve of Madeira Park on your way to school.

2. Getting a text from my cousin Laura containing a beautiful thing: 'I just saw a man sprinting down the road like he was being chased by a mad axe man. I went round the corner and saw a paper cookie bag blowing after him!' There has got to be a story in that. What was in the cookie bag? Or what did he think was in the cookie bag? Or maybe it was some kind of message... Any thoughts?

3. Watching toad-in-the-hole rising through the glass door of the oven. It's better than television.