Friday, March 30, 2007

Good morning, shared blossom and over the valley.

1. Waking up to Radio 3 in the middle of a piece of music. At 7am, Susan Sharpe comes on to end her six-hour shift on Through the Night and she always thanks the listeners for their company.

2. A couple of branches of delicate pink cherry blossom hanging over a back fence.

3. Having a moment to turn and look back over the whole of Tunbridge Wells before I walk down the back of Mount Ephraim.


  1. Getting a lovely bouquet of pink roses and purple flowers delivered to work....the excitement of getting a phone call to say you have a delivery, the anticipation of what it could be, and the smugness from all the admiring and slightly jealous glances on the way home.

  2. 4. Having nice sunny weather so that a walk is even more enjoyable.

  3. And knowing that someone else enjoys the beauty of a cherry blossom as much as you do...

  4. the magical way cherry blossom has the energy to start again when its been frosted into sludge


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