Saturday, March 10, 2007

One ring, dinner on the go and blue grey.

1. The new guy at work has a tattoo in Elvish on his arm. And I recognised this.

2. Coming home and hearing cooking noises in the kitchen -- thanks Katie for taking on household duties while I get my proofing done.

3. Katie has celebrated my new bed by producing two blue and grey silk cushion covers. I find them on my bed when I get in from work.


  1. I misread that at first as "a tattoo of Elvis..." If he had a tattoo in Entish, now that would be something! But he'd probably have to have much longer arms....

    Here's a related BT from yesterday: I discovered there's a Wikipedia in Cornish.

  2. i can think of better ways of celebrating a new bed...

  3. But what was the translation of the Elvish tattoo? Did you discover that?

  4. Anonymous -- oh really.

    Angel Feet -- Turns out it was the name of his little boy.

  5. Elvish? Shurely shome mishtake?


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