Saturday, March 31, 2007

Handover, ohh sparkly and look what I found.

1. Struggling with a piece of work and having someone take it away.

2. A client rings because she wants to be talked through opening a course. When it works, I hear someone ohhing in the background. The client says: 'I think she likes the pictures.'

3. The satisfaction of, for once, spotting an error that He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named missed.


  1. I spotted one in Vanity Fair once (Ozzy Osbourne). I wrote in. I was ignored.

  2. 1. Watching all the exciting bits of the Lord of the Rings trilogy on my brother's exciting, shiny new television

    2. Playing with new makeup at the chemists

    3. Reading the trashy Sunday papers with a big mug of coffee

  3. Sleeping at a friend's house between super-high-thread-count sheets and covered with a fluffy down duvet--heaven on earth!

  4. 4. Wondering what the pictures were that they were talking about.


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