Thursday, March 15, 2007

Darling buds, reject and yes you can.

1. Lying in bed listening to H.E. Bates' A Little of What You Fancy on BBC 7. The Darling Buds series is the ultimate in feel-good novels. The first time I read one, I couldn't believe something awful wasn't about to happen. I love Pop Larkin's luxuriant descriptions of the expansive Ma.

2. Getting a rejection slip from Mslexia. This might seem like a bad thing to non-writers, but it's not. First, every rejection slip is a badge of honour: It means you have sent a piece of writing out into the world, and that is an achievement in itself. Second, this was a very good natured rejection slip -- it said that the story had been shortlisted, along with 59 others and that 'Some submissions were rejected in order to create a balance of contrasting items. It may be that yours wasn't included because, by bad luck, it had exactly the same subject matter as a slightly stronger piece of work.'

3. In the (paraphrased) words of my poledancing teacher: 'That bit at the end where you stopped yourself falling. You were supporting your own weight on your arms, which you said you couldn't do. Now I know you can. Busted.'


  1. Oh Clare, you are funny. Do you really have a pole dancing teacher? Good for you for staying positive about the rejection letter. your work is good and doors will open when you knock on the right one.

  2. Does one say, "Congrats on your rejection"? It just doesn't sound right, but you did explain it perfectly. And congrats on your poledancing. hehe

  3. Hi Clare,
    Poledancing!?! I'm scandalized! ;)

  4. I'm a wtiter too. I totally get the rejection thing. Sending you warm thoughts anyway. :)



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