Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cake, oh ha ha and fairies.

1. Spotting a cake tin on a colleague's desk.

2. The simple amusement of changing the sounds on a colleague's computer and waiting for them to minimise a window, start a programme, receive mail etc etc.

3. At 11.30pm I crawl out of the book I've been proofreading -- eyes bleary, hands aching, text dancing before my eyes. I realise I never hung my washing out. I drag myself to the kitchen... only to find that the washing machine fairy has got there first.


  1. I want a washing machine fairy too !!

  2. Changing the sounds on people's Macs was a source of boundless entertainment in my days as a sub on the Courier. The fact that you could also record your own sounds made this extra thrilling, especially as a certain chief sub-editor had her own particular 'mannerisms' that were ripe for imitation behind her back. Which was all very funny until the day that someone's keyboard got jammed repeating this particular phrase over-and-over, as we could hear the aforementioned senior sub approaching down the hall...

  3. Yes, washing machine fairy, very good idea.

    But even better
    4. Having the colleague with the cake tin offer to share with everyone.

  4. washing machine fairies sound great :-)

  5. I have a washing machine fairy here as well, but he's a bit irregular. Can't complain, at least I have one.

  6. Not exactly the same, but -

    We once rearranged the numbers on a colleague's telephone (with the lower numbers on the bottom and the higher numbers on the top like a calculator, instead where they usually are). He never could figure out why he kept getting the wrong people--until we could no longer contain the laughter.

    I still chuckle thinking about it years later.


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