Sunday, March 04, 2007

Customer service, you have them and wonderful flight.

1. Working on a website, I know that users often imagine that everything is automated. They wonder why when they ask for something at 5pm on a Friday, it doesn't get done until Monday morning. So 'cheers' to Fictionwise for processing a request to use Paypal within a couple of hours at the weekend.

2. Lou and I are shopping. We find a pair of shorts that we both want, but there's only one left. Lou lets me have it.

3. Laputa: The Castle in the Sky. Another tale of wonderful flight from Studio Ghibli, Laputa tells of an orphan boy who catches a girl floating down from the sky on the power of a strange amulet. Sky pirates and the army are chasing the girl because they believe she can lead them to the treasures of Laputa. The animation is sophisticated and beautiful -- my favourite scenes were the flapter chases, the constellation-like crystals in the darkness of the mines, and the floating cubes that powered the castle.