Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bee, escape and pink.

All those curious about poledancing (particularly ye of little faith -- would I ever lie about anything on Three Beautiful Things?): here is an info page about the school. And here is our teacher's blog (the kitten who can't -- c'est moi.)

1. A large bumble bee on Oli's window. It's sitting still, so while Oli puts on his shoes, I get to admire his cellophane wings and his yellow and black coat. I've seen a few bumble bees already this year -- they're one of my favourite signs of spring -- but this is the first time I've had leisure to stop and have a good look.

2. A clump of sophisticated tan primulas has escaped from a garden on to the footpath bank.

3. He Who Shall Not Be Named going pinker and pinker as he gets drunk.