Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Grunge, bed and contrition.

1. I am squatting awkwardly, jammed between the door and a planter, reaching through the balcony rail with a trowel to scrape grunge out of the gutter. A man walking past hears me scraping away, looks up and smiles at my grimace. This makes me smile back.

2. I got my new bed. After three months of sleeping on the floor, I don't need to explain how glad I am to make up a bed with sheets, pillows and a duvet.

3. Overhearing the bed delivery man ringing the florist and asking her to send £20 worth of flowers to his girlfriend. 'I'm in trouble. Put "I'm sorry and I love you" on the card.'


  1. Flowers to say anything have to be a beautiful thing...

  2. My BTs:
    1. A perfect dippy boiled egg.
    2. Clare's look of glee on learning a new dance move.
    3. HWSNBN has made an album of themed dance music, and the selection is hilarious!

  3. Its strange how we can connect with people, often strangers, over the weirdest of things... the man who smiled at you, probably remembered somthing similar that he might've done... Isn't that lovely?


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