Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cocoon, zap and nosy neighbours.

All those interested in typing gloves: here is a pattern. Katie is working on one for her family's wool business, Aragorn yarns, and this will be available soon.

1. My sleeping bag for being so warm when the morning is cold.

2. Running Adaware and actually finding a nasty is very satisfying.

3. Our street is full of net curtain twitchers. It's very funny wondering what they must be thinking watching as my brother parks his unmarked white van and settles it in for the night while I unload my shopping in a selection of scruffy string bags and reused plastic bags. The other day, an old man came out and shook his stick at Katie's mother, who was waiting on the wrong side of the road for us to come down.


  1. Although you only insinuated, you have the same malady as I, I will assume you do; that irresistible urge to confuse, amaze and mystify, nosey neighbors with my normal comings and goings. Isn't it delicious fun?


  2. I'm with Dread.
    I used to own a black SUV, blacked out windows, no external markings.

    Wonderful fun driving dead slow through a housing estate and watching them run for cover.
    (we don't really 'do' guns here in England, so it was all fairly harmless and safe -not sure I'd try the same thing in LA!)


  3. Lol! It's always fun to make the neighbors wonder!

  4. " curtain twitchers." What a great expression!

  5. Is a net curtain twitcher a person who sneaks peeks out the blinds to see what's happening outside his/her residence? Help please!


  6. Yes, deliciously wicked fun. I use my personal car, on occasion, to do work business. (I'm compensated). The fellows at the yard stare when I leave- am I on personal time or am I on work time? Hmmm. Guess my comment would be "nun-ya". As in it's none of your business. (evil giggle)

  7. What about gloves for knitting


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