Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Lady of leisure, yellow bill and scripts

1. Now that the new holiday year has started, I can book a day off work next week to do some tasks around the house. After a year of no holiday (Africa wasn't a holiday -- it was travelling) this is the height of luxury.

2. A male blackbird with a bright orange beak flinging clumps of moss around the roof outside the office -- I'm guessing he was hunting for something wriggly.

3. Anticipating a scriptwriting class all day and coming out of it with the germ of a story. Also, I like the idea of fiction writers being solvers of other people's problems.


  1. i came across a notice for a screenwriting class on a listserve i belong to. i'm hoping we can afford it, because it's been so long since i've taken one!

    incidentally, i took a guess that it may have been you who visited JoeInVegas in, well, Las Vegas recently. he said whoever the mystery guest was played the dollar slots. as the news Stateside is chock full of stories of Brits and continentals coming over here to take advantage of the weak dollar to shop, etc, I supposed it may have been you! ... did i guess right? (crossing my fingers!)

  2. Molly -- I'm sorry to say, it wasn't me (unless I've been sleep-gambling again).

    Good luck with the screenwriting class -- do you know about http://alligatorsinahelicopter.blogspot.com/ ?


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