Thursday, January 04, 2007

Squabble, last sale of the day and missing one.

1. Ed has been bickering with me about: which Simpsons characters we most resemble; whether the ban on talking about yoga covers classes or just positions; whether when I offered to make a drink I told Ed I was making real coffee and whether I should have known that when he said he wanted tea, what he really wanted was coffee. Oli listened for a while and then asked Charlotte if she wasn't pleased to be back at work.

2. Making a big fuss about leaving work on time and reaching the bed shop in the last half hour of their sale.

3. Opening a box and finding a book I thought I had lost.


  1. Well, will we get a full report on the new matress?

    4. Anticipation of the full story (almost daily for each new tidbit)

  2. Joe -- it doesn't arrive for six weeks! I think they have to catch the springs and grow the stuffing.

  3. Don't squabble about which "Simpson" character you are most like. Embrace the idea! We had heaps of fun likening our friends & family to characters from the "Muppet Show" (sounds a tad childish but was a wet evening so we had some fun x x


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