Sunday, January 14, 2007

Success, Chinoiserie opulence and good triangle.

1. Seeing other bloggers making it into print. Anonymous Lawyer now has a book out -- and the publishers have considered me influential enough to merit a review copy (I think that's why they sent it -- I was a bit afraid to ask why they thought I should have one in case they thought they'd made a mistake and decided not to let me have it). I used to read Anonymous Lawyer way back when -- it's the darker side of Ally McBeal without all the fantasy and love interest.

2. Showing people round my new flat and hearing them ohh and ahh over things that I haven't thought of as beautiful yet. In particular, our deep red hall elicits a lot of comments. One of the first things Katie and I said to each other as we walked in, we said: 'That'll have to go.' But when three people say they love its Chinoiserie opulence in less than 24 hours, it makes you wonder...

3. Supermarket cheese is a bit hit and miss -- sometimes it's jolly good; sometimes it's yuck. But I like the satisfaction of finding I have bought a good piece -- in this case a long triangle of gooey soft Somerset brie.