Sunday, January 28, 2007

Out, marching order and cake.

1. Getting a load of rubbish out of our house. The thing I really like about the dump is seeing the guys who work there going over whatever you've just thrown out and carrying certain things off for secret purposes of their own.

2. My three pairs of boots lined up neatly with boot stretchers in them.

3. My mother brings me a ginger cake. There is a large hole in one edge where persons unknown have picked at it on the way over.


  1. Persons unknown?
    4. Being pleased that a friendly food taster made sure my goodies were all right.

  2. my job this last year enlisted the help of professional trash haulers twice weekly. one of my colleagues who used to be in the same line of business said that he and his coworkers often resalvaged a lot of what was being tossed. it was still good, if no longer good the prior owner.

    and uh, sorry about the hole. i like cake. it was tasty, though, no?


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