Friday, January 05, 2007

Praise, forgiven and make contact.

Happy birthday to The Mother.

Apologies for erratic posting -- the internet connection only seems to work when the wind is in the north (although it's very good when it does work).

1. Katie and Oli both read one of my recent stories today. Neither of them are big sci fi fans; but they both said that although the story puzzled them at first the writing was so assured that they kept going. And they both praised my 'show-don't-tell'. I feel real satisfaction at an act of creation well done.

2. A mother telling her 12-year-old son off for getting lost in the shopping centre and switching his mobile phone off. 'How could you? I've been phoning for half an hour and it kept going straight to the answering service.' And then the real reason for her crossness came out. 'I was so worried about you. I didn't know where you were.' When I turned round, she was giving him a cuddle.

3. This fortnight's missions from my lifecoach include a command to interact with men in unfamiliar situations. This basically means that I need to chat with strangers. Apparently, this includes things like asking bookshop staff if they've read the book I'm buying; paying a compliment; or asking how his day has been. I also have to commit a random act of kindness.