Monday, January 01, 2007

Flip, angels and watchers.

1. Katie's wonderful pancake pan is light and thin, so tossing pancakes is miraculously easy.

2. Our neighbours running round the halls in fancy dress trying to sort out the fire alarm.

3. While I was doing the last-thing-at-night kitchen tidying, I heard voices from the window next to ours. It was a mother and child watching the fireworks.


  1. Sounds nice and inviting, as always. :)

    Happy New Year, Claire!

  2. I ONLY wear fancy dress during building emergencies. Doesn't everyone?

  3. why were people in fancy dress trying out the fire alarm anyway ?

  4. Clare
    Pancake flipping is a new favourite of mine. I have a great recipe by a Kiwi chef named Sophie Gray who's dubbed herself the Destitute Gourmet and it's called Flippin' Pancakes and they are absolutely foolproof and flip wonderfully. Great fun to play with and eat. The perfect food!

  5. Lloyd (who turned 40 on New Year's Eve) coming in this morning and saying to me, 'You knew about my surprise party didn't you?' I could only reply with a very smug, 'Of course!' It seems he had a good time.


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