Saturday, January 13, 2007

Guests, freedom and apprentice.

1. Flatmates who don't mind brothers sleeping on the sofa.

2. Most mornings we see a man and a woman riding past our office window at about 10am. I often feel a moment of longing for the freedom to ride a horse out into the countryside on a weekday morning.

3. Andy complimenting me on my improved backgammon and saying that I have a new confidence. I still make stupid mistakes, and sometimes need him to guide me a bit; but the turns when I have no idea what move to make are getting fewer.


  1. I love backgammon. I wish I had a real person to play against. Playing the computer is just not the same as feeling the chips between your fingers.

  2. Brothers who don't mind sleeping on the sofa a pretty beautiful too.

  3. It's not you, SOMEONE has been posting under my name. Do you really think I'd write "Brothers who don't mind sleeping on the sofa are pretty beautiful too"?

  4. Well it goes to your account -- have you been careless with your user details? Or do you think it was Robert? Blogger always has your account in the Remember me thingy on the computer at home.

    He's such an ernie dill he probably isn't capable of making his own account and logging in with it. Perhaps you could make him an account and send him the details.

    You could call it 'I'm a dill' and subhead it 'The blog of a brother who has very clever and beautiful sisters'.


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