Monday, January 15, 2007

Light of day, resolved and dancing.

1. I'm not often in the flat at the time of day when sunlight is pouring through my bedroom and the living room windows. I loved showering and dressing in the slatted light coming through the blinds. I liked basking on the sofa in the warmth of these stripes, and how the blue and red glass in the windows made coloured shadows on the floor. I enjoyed the way the light showed up the glas greens and caramel colours on the tiles surrounding my bedroom fireplace. Back in the bathroom, the scraps of carpet padding the Saniflo are not dark blue -- they're bottle green. And the sun on my lunch! The morels, which I assumed were black and wrinkly, are slightly translucent and the colour of black coffee in the sun when the light is behind them. And it picked out the little wisps of blue steam rising from the scrambled eggs.

2. Catching up with Fenella and Andy. I only went round to pick up my post, but I was offered a mug of Winter Pimm's under Andy's new year's resolution. He is trying to drink more -- which is unusual, but admirable in its way.

3. Despite having to be dragged kicking and screaming to a salsa class, I had a really good time. We did the warm up, and as I found myself stepping forward to the left when I should be going right and tripping over my feet; I thought all my worst fears had been realised. But as the class progressed, I got hold of the idea. The ladies had to pass round the ring from partner to partner, which is a fantastic way to learn because sometimes you get someone good who does the leading arm signals so you learn how to follow; and sometimes you get someone less confident, and you have to concentrate on your feet and remember all the steps.