Tuesday, January 23, 2007

To everyone who has come in from Saga magazine, welcome. Don't miss Joe 'Plutarch' Hyam's blog Now's the Time. To everyone else, you can read the article here. It's about the 50 wisest people for 2007. You can vote for five favourites, too.

1. It wasn't snow, it was more like sleet -- but whatever it was, it whirled past the window in fat, white, flakes.

2. Oli for two reasons -- one for the vast chocolate cake with thick fudge icing that he made for us; and two, for the moment just before we normally turn into his drive when he says: 'I'll take you all the way -- you can't walk home in weather like this.'

3. A table reading of the early scenes in my radio play. I was afraid I had been over-ambitious in the opening -- a cacophony of complaining tenants. But hearing it in real voices made me think that it would work.


  1. Hey, Clare - Congratulations on the Saga list! That's really neat. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and writings.

  2. Congratulations on the Saga list!!!

  3. An interesting mixture of people. Lots of people seem to be voting for you. You deserve it. And thanks for mentioning my blog. I appreciate it.

  4. Go Clare on the Saga list!

    I have 3BTs today:

    1. The fabric / interiors shop on the way back from the station that changes its fabric window display every day.

    2. The joyous cry of 'Daddy!' as a commuter opens his front door.

    3. Mum puts Millie the dog on the phone. (Sad, yes, I know.) I call her. 'She's smiling', Mum reports.

  5. Thanks Plutarch. I'm sorry they spelled you wrong though -- I did tell them correctly; and the journalist seemed to know you already, so I can't imagine where the error crept in.

    Thanks to everyone else -- I'm really proud to be on the list. And even more amazed to be voted for, too! At present, I'm second -- above John Humphreys.

  6. I'm looking around to see if anyone else is doing Three Good Things, and yours is definitely it! I love your site and am definitely bookmarking it. Come check out my blog http://3for365.blogspot.com. I'd love to cross-link if that's ok with you. :) Julia

  7. Congrats on the Saga list...behold the power of the internet!!
    Your 3BT inspires me...and keeps me smiling. Keep it up!


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