Saturday, January 06, 2007

Snooze, sunshine and fairy tales.

1. Dozing off in the break room at work, waking up and realising that it was after two. Luckily, everyone was out at the pub.

2. A thunderous-looking ticket lady stomps down the train. But a few seats away, something that a passenger says -- or something in the way that they say it -- makes her transform her face with a smile.

3. Hearing Fenella laughing at Grimms: The Final Chapter. It was a set of very silly fairy tales presented by six actors on a tiny stage hung with costumes and stacked with props. Two rows in front of us was a small boy, still in his school uniform, who asked questions in a piercing voice: 'Is she really dead? Yes but she stabbed her.' They included two of my favourites -- The Three Sillies and The Little Girl and Baba Yaga.