Monday, January 08, 2007

Duck, new book and chocs.

1. A supper of roast wild duck, shot by Katie's dad down on the marsh, carrots, potatoes and sprout tops. And having a machine to do most of the washing up.

2. Starting to read the biography of E. Nesbit that I got for Christmas.

3. Just when I thought all the Christmas sweeties have been gobbled up, Katie produces a box of chocolates.


  1. there's another article about happiness (I remember you posted one a few months ago) at the new york times site: (you have to register to access it; annoying, i know, but free)

    i am still *totally* drowning in christmas sweets - there are unopened boxes of cookies everywhere. make it stop!!

  2. sorry, the URL there got cut off. try this.

    (you still have to register, though)

  3. Still on the sweets? Would they now be advent sweets, soon to be February (whatever the holiday in February is). Maybe you might get some new ones?

  4. oooh! finding extra Christmas goodies after the holidays is in so many ways BETTER than finding an $20 bill in your pocket that you'd forgotten about. ... especially for you, since in "Brittish" 20 dollars is like 10 pounds. bring on the sweets!


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