Sunday, January 21, 2007

Comfort, order and a good meal.

1. The amazing difference that a new loo seat makes to my bathroom.

2. Tidying our cloakroom and finding that with some extra shelves, it might just be possible to use it as a sort of shed-chic guest loo as well as a storage room.

3. Getting compliments for a meal I've made -- rabbit stew and crumble made from whatever had fallen to the bottom of the fruit bowl.


  1. j'adore lapin! mmm. now i want some stew. (drool.)

  2. New seat - nice in appearence or in the feel?

    4. Dropping down to find a warm seat when a cold chill was expected.

  3. Thanks for linking. Just want to let you know you haven't changed the date the Roll of Honour was updated.


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