Friday, January 19, 2007

Obstacle, period features and home comforts.

1. A fallen hazel tree blocks our road. I tell Oli we'll have to turn round. He says: 'No, let's move it. This is an adventure.' It's too heavy and springy for us to shift, but he's right -- in the dark, buffeted by the wind, heaving together at branches is an adventure.

2. The hallway of a house converted into flats is sometimes rather a sad place full of misdirected mail and bicycles and unwanted furniture. But in this particular hallway, there is a fireplace with bright turquoise and deep bottle green tiles.

3. Coming home to a plate warming in the oven and some supper.

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  1. Clare:

    I am so pleased you are still writing. I have just mentioned your work in my own re-issued blog (I had to pull the old one - just why will make a funny story for later). I have also linked to your site. I hope you don't mind. I write about insanity of sorts: your place is much nicer.



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