Showing posts from July, 2004

Chocolate, Lunch and Northern Exposure.

Walking the dog, blackberries and sunflowers.

All set, avocado and summer night.

Sam Lawrence, Saki and stage.

Sun, leaves and stories.

Lemon, rodent and flittermice.

Hunger, bedding plants and horses.

Payday, trains and a hot night.

NICE, yralgrub and vin rouge.

It's gone, yay and spuds.

Grotesque, scrunch and pigs.

Out to lunch, supper in the sun and vanilla.

Drowsy, breakfast and dancing queen.

Laughing boy, trifle and subverting the young.

Floristry, I can see the sea and old friends.

Crash, comfort food amd domestic science.

Tart, narrative and bubbles.

Tar is not a plaything, Bruv and Radio 4.

Seeds, magic door and tomatoes.

Baby powder, peas and meditation.

Small boy, chocolate brownies and a hail storm.

Grease, time keeping and foundation garments.

Privet, pips and butter.

Dirty weather, toys of the wind and end of level.

Elegant dog, gone to seed and lurking cats.

Misasmas, tea and dried herbs.

Weather, caterpillars and jam

Nesting, blackbirds and fruit.

Up the garden path, two for one and salad bowl.

Out, not now and more new clothes.

Berries, chores and exotica