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Hold my hand, babbling and macaroons.

Found it, on the farm and coming up smelling of roses.

Falling downstairs, early supper and new boots.

Homegrown, good taste and posy.

Can't see, dignity and just one conker.

A decent human being, reader and why I like her.

Holding the baby, unexpected and lying in the bath.

Running, The Blackberry Gate and toys.

Know yourself, doing the garden and too busy.

Sleep on, dragons and rag bag.

First laugh, dropping off and bedtime story.

Help, someone else to do it and resting all day.

Oldie but goodie, can I carry her and moving castles.

Figs, picking blackberries and shelter.

Universal baby-sitter, runaway and new clothes.

A look round, secrets and restraint.

Averted, comic timing and watching Bettany.

Going up, on the road and game over.

Dance, parenting moment and discipline.

Parched, just in time and together.

Wet day, one at a time and nursing nest in the kitchen.

Grapefruit, development and posting.

New shoes, our spot and suspicious.

Obedience, a kind word and using the pot.

Warm-cold, fussing and a little work.

Uncle, walking away and stubble.

Horse, quote and getting out.

One cup, bramble and a day with Tibby.

Earwax, glass of shiraz and cat come home.

No alarms, someone else making supper and long stories.