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Home, it walks and hearing voices.

Packing, cake and nickelodeon.

Fielding, tennis ball and return the favour.

Half hour, indoors and salt.

Horse, park and umbrella.

Not a race, abundantly available and pesto.

Spanner, football and request.

Rain, what I wanted and fight.

Re-heated pizza, a couple of hours and delivery.

Cones, acrobat and jasmine.

Cool morning, check-in and dinner.

Bike, beach and waiting it out.

Park, new soap and diligence.

Help, watching for Nick and gaming.

Home working, ice lolly and filthy.

Drink, flow and chalk.

Escape, picnics and together.

Catch-up, edge and ahead.

Sky, amble and muttering.

Deliveries, help and less to do.

Feeding, moment and jigsaw.

Ice creams, unseen and cuddle.