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Dawn, copies and pumpkin.

Work, arachnids and coming to help.

Blueberry cake, come home and unseasonable.

Cleansing power of fire, moon and light through leaves.

The Mother-in-Law, bread of heaven and deal done.

Just a shower, time out and five o'clock whistle.

Cake, carwash and parsnips.

Catching a lift, bushman and wedge of geese.

Elevenses, revision and core.

Red coat, quality of light and in the old days.

The volunteer, gleaming pavements and filing.

Backroom, sausage and roar.

A greeting, sweep and shake.

Steak sounds, Bramley and cold weather.

Snoring badger, mint and nougat.

Damselfly, dem dry bones and circle.

Greenwood, owl and someone else did it.

Got my dress, the training and do more work.

Marvel, gone red and badger punk.

Look up, singing cyclist and Nick is wise.

The outfit, help and got to get up.

Stiff, pling and potato.

The number, ready for rain and gossip.

Mathematical cauliflower, it's raining leads and the puzzles.

Wallflowers, wet and wipe.

Water comes, the parcel and saved from certain death.

Mint, cucumber and sole.

Juice box, wildlife and the cake.

From us both, polishing and underwater world.

Falling water, economy measures and heating on.

First photo, squirrel and staying warm.