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Green stone, in flight and dinner.

Rabbits love liquorice, lamb chop and film.

Sparrow, back home and that's all.

Leaving together, tea round and sleep.

Little lit, changes and thanks.

Thick clothes, a smile and sleep.

To start, citrus and a new word.

A kindness, repair and victor.

Adornment, the past and Noel Coward.

Christmas box, not today and prints.

New bag, a light supper and the beginning.

Baby face, sunset and eight-legged beast.

Soup, the journey and just us.

Tea time, warmth and bean soup.

Wake-up call, the nature of Monkey and magic.

On edge, the journey and coming home.

The man, red and enough sleep.

Early morning, foam and damp place.

Mouse, underwater and tails.

Top of the world, falling ice and fallen fort.

Rainbow, pool and damson.

Debt, demob happy and shaker.

In colour, flask and drizzle.

Sharp point, smile and film.

The holes, a colleague and wonderful man.

Stay indoors, soup and malt.

Change, go away and hot apple juice.

Vine, bathroom laundry and foggy night.

Biscuits, apothecary and sunset.