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Saving grace, viewer and film India.

Raindrops, roses and gem from the pile.

Found an hour, they come but once a year and parsnips.

Tiny diaries, art workshop and layers.

Dry ground, the meeting and what have you brought.

Blue Monday, the rescue and more steampunk.

Refill, noise and greens.

Hockney, birds and sewing on buttons.

Found, patience and noodle soup.

Galop, red cake and Haile Selassie.

Sleet, the director and an afternoon of work.

Touching, happy dinosaur and a class.

The job, remembering the song and getting paid.

Ephemera, showing the parents and holiday memories.

Stories, our pot and G&S.

Haircut, come to the bazaar and better sound.

The rain in Tunbridge Wells, truffles and red pepper.

More snow, no trains and an odd pair.

The apple, off the snow and an evening with friends.

Hanging, new notebooks and the snow is still fresh.

The bird, thaw and boneshaker.

The universe calls 'halt', watching the snow and domestic pleasures.

Cutting, off school and bread.

On the wire, icicles and the toboggan.

Not going out, ham and two left.

The chore, snow's back and winter duvet.

Medway valley, eye clinic and Museum.

Guilty pleasure, birch again and the homecoming.

Birch, recycle and the walk.

Out shadows, glaze and the dreamer wakes.

Baking, vintage and small melancholy.