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Lambs' tails, puppy and too young.

Announcement for people who use a feed reader.

Ceci mon chapeau, misery and clear-out.

Change in the weather, sleeping and quality.

While you were sleeping, handful and Scottish film.

Amusements, babies and roasties.

A tenner, maids of February and datebook.

For me, new territory and a welcome.

A lesson, colour change and writer.

Song, smile and do you understand.

At home, it's not like that and ouch.

Winter flowers, memories and opinions.

Better late, notions and small pictures.

Shine up, small shop and siblings.

Sink, ticks and good neighbours.

Hand-in-hand, instant pictures and good deed.

All ears, shelter from the storm and catching a line.

Jeweller, little lights and an extra layer.

Retrograde, what's for sale and sandy whiskers.

Bark bark bark bark, dropping in and arrrgh.

Job well done, small feet and strange time.

Market day, red scarf and pool.

Jiggery pokery, oatcakes and finished.

Napping, repairs and safe inside.

Grinding, lost time and woolies.

Warm hands, winter sun and it's easy.

Dust, VIP and disposing of the corpse.

Order of service, to my lappie and a good book.

Moving air, smash and acquatic ape.

Done it, crystal and duck.

In the mud, rats and Jane Austen.

Jammy, mulberries and fireworks.