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Falling water, drying off and bullies.

Honey, tweenies and sharpness.

Planting a seed, motherhood and wake up.

Egg whites, shirt and cherry blossom.

Extra time, a laugh and the woods we know.

Linked up, toms and ahem ahem.

Pigeons in the rain, the extra hour and cheer up chives.

Camellia, shut up and caramel.

The garden, mystery greens and still light.

On the edge, biscuit and miracle.

Mist, ducks and cake.

P'tit dej, pants to you and the return.

Getting there, a ride and faces of dog.

Muffin, time to tidy and hairwash.

Half-light, treat and kindness of ticket inspectors.

Heroine, more important things and fat cakes.

April showers, shoe fans and heating off.

Giant buttercups, take note and melted cheese.

Three admirable women, shine and smokers.

Art appreciation, stitches and pottery.

The backs, mystery lady and dressing for dinner.

Snow storm, architecture and evening bath.

After the snow, leg of pork and painting.

White stuff, hound and all change.

Stretching, missing link and music.

Growing things, brass and a good book.

Solving, elevensies and cleaning.

Wake up, rain dots and forgotten works.

When hippies attack, daylight hours and detectives.

Gold, got mail and paper kingdom.