Showing posts from September, 2005

Rain coming, B&J and apple pie order.

Breakfast, froggies and knight of the road.

Bags, wilderness and barman.

Parental units, free cup, our song, tasting, blowing in, discard, going alone and crickets.

Bronzes, look at the lights and what's left.

Pineapple, vine and running dogs.

Cocoa, temperature and Rich's car.

Suitcase, old boy network and patterns.

Gossomer, access and bag.

Psychic, crossing paths and Alison Lapper and a guest.

Cake, geek and cypher.

Those Magnificent Men, meat and green bobbles.

Blue sky, love affair and ting.

Up and down, stroll and egg whites.

Jam, taut and progress.

Seeds, mash and remember.

Warm, plums and pink tea.

Tee hee, sitters and boing.

Public, images and cut.

Free cake, head and warm hands.

Out back, visitors and happy days.

Cherry, almonds and discovery.

The de Grey Birch method

Burnt sugar, pink wine and familiarity.

Take a bow, naked ladies and sherry.

Daily walk, undertaker and warm weather.

Lost to view, newtling and pink.

Spinny chair, tales of Peru and Holly

Little birdies, two wheels and gumshoe.

Flutter, cruet and silver balls.