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Chat, in bed and sun trap.

Breakfast meeting, hedge cutting and rain wash.

Miracle, worm and cricket.

Dressing gown, finding and tonic.

Hum, multi-tasking and lettuce.

Rain coming, glass and the sound of slicing bread.

Lie still, tea and booklovers.

Miners, not autumn and convenience.

Drawer, before the rain and reduction.

Home, library and report.

Sleep, kip and for butterflies.

Juice, wriggling and end of the day.

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Single white pigeon, glamour and for the evening.

Biscuits, get help and shelving.

Sawdust, ghosts and a supper.

Breakfast, on the river and come home.

First to see, carrying the colours and tent mushroom.

Wait, pop-up and moving light.

Parcels, work and a foodshop.

Corrected, upstairs and on air.

Wet day, waiting at the station and hearing the rain.

More sleep, bread pudding and making a risotto.

Baker, quiet and half-hour hole.

Aunt, brother and walking down the ward.

Hat from Ghent, photographer and an easy mistake.

Sardines, on the move and lights out.

Rain in August, save and new bread.

Moon, a movement and friends.

Pigeons, chocolate and sleeping.

Nesting, caution and Blue.

Missed, measuring up and snack.