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Idiom, guests and a good clothes day.

Adjusted, voice and milk.

Staying put, coconut and last task.

Pug, puree and lilac time.

Tulips, meat and relief.

Taking over, purple and shade.

Amused, morning and rain at last.

Dead wood, confession and sign of summer.

Duck, attention and park life.

Remembering, job done and broccoli.

The novelty, fairies and making rainbows.

Static, garden chores and filling the watering can.

Wisteria, her little boy and clams.

Ferret, just to let you know and cherry blossom.

Service, songs and round the park.

As bad as each other, re-use and rhubarb.

Jabbed, rehearsals and wisteria.

Day off, shut the door and family-friendly.

Apple, a joke and tin can.

Compost, little fishies and last pages.

Caterpillar, a bargain and carrot cake.

Proud in purple, six degrees and size matters not.

In the street, properly blue and all he wanted.

Early risers, tulip and violet.

Assassin ducks, who's carrying me and jammy.

Nappies, making friends with Jane and not taking my own counsel.

Celebration, irises and small victory.

Where I left him, washing in and easy.

Fooled you, baby in charge and last thing.

Invitation, spectacle and spring.