Showing posts from November, 2005

Best bits, diagonal and new threads.

Oils, visas and dumplings.

Brew, complete and bundle.

Photographer, dryer and afternoon tea.

Tables turned, something for nothing and romance.

Woolly, greeters and still.

Hot air, discard and berries.

Patter, pool and news.

Fairytale, crunchy and flowers.

Green things, turkey cock and selfless.

Supergeeks, bump and conversation stopper.

Mod cons, woodsmoke and social divide.

Icing, comrade and cutting.

Stalks, goo and voices.

Warm hands, herd and Mr Moon.

Green road, autumn sunset and stars.

Geisha, salmon and dog.

Seeking, quitter and extras.

Inside, trim and film.

On a string, slattern and snooze.

Low sun, orange and coffee.

Frills, fungus and critters.

Running water, catch of the day and family history.

Slice, smooth and teapot.

Early, sparkly and ravenous.

Gale, cupboard love and looker.

Blowing, gumboots and comfort.

Glee, dream cake and life skill.

Spice, creepy camp and clay.

On the map, swoosh and over the wall.