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New printer, sausage and who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

You're out, planters and dinner.

The final frontier, garden and sleep.

Dirty weather, dinner sorted and on the mend.

Cavalry, Alice and toffee.

Two years, wildlife and inside the barrel.

Sun bath, writer's book and dinner.

Juice, ill and watch the skies.

Networking, bleach and back from work.

Where we live now, box of books and glad I did.

Illumination, sundog and cakewalk.

Red and white, the morning after and an alternative.

Small rain, do it right and network.

Trick of the light, cherries and wet wool.

Mercury, sing it and national dress.

Applause, boy's own and gale.

Leaves, lines and un-colour.

Reset, watering and it's summer.

From the east, shrt pree-sentay-shun abaut your nyew hoawt tub and icy.

Desolation, aeronauts and home tasks.

Narrow guage, over the fence and history lesson.

A change of clothes, it is real and luck for dinner.

Blue book, emptying a bag and going nowhere to do nothing.

May scheme, asparagus and rhubarb.

Not doing it, squatters and popcorn.

Laundry, bark bark bark and the night in.

Garbage out, doing itself and yellow effort.

Chiaoscuro, drapery and utopia

The little garden, a cutting and priests.

Don't get up, framed and negative space.