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Kale, terns and talk.

Sparrows, last minute and food of kings.

Little blue, whipped up and Star Wars.

Pink socks, balm and flowers.

Apple, green path and joints.

Tea break, nectarine and strip off.

Convivial, shower and Judy.

Whiter than white, chocolate and walk on.

Map, bread and bluebells.

Give it a go, honey and stopping.

Artists, duckers and strength to your arm.

Blowing, quiet and beat.

Munch, flames and bitter.

Scrawch, kick and last thing.

Cake, water and strawberries.

Cow parsley, boating and botanist.

Paint, fish and English fruit.

Tooth, travel and thread.

Shoots, comrade and dissolution.

Jet set Fenella, Lo-lo-lola and biscuits.

Chinese, stew and glorious matrimony.

Flutter, fruit and light supper.

Wavy light, reading while you eat and limber.

Sour, summer birds and gold.

Beer, chop-chop and come alive.

Acer tree, juicey and counting.

Bark, reality and Charlie.

Song, aubergines and back-up.

Fairies, whistle and hysterics.

Graveyard, lounge and bare.

Hyacinthoides, the stranger and natter.